Sara S

This is NOT a spoiler free Movie-Review. Discretion advised.

Sara S (Malayalam) is a very light-hearted story about a girl, Sarah, who chooses her career over starting a family. It shows us the roadblocks she faces as she makes the decision to medically terminate an unplanned pregnancy, Making it clear that it is up-to the woman to make the choice to have a baby or not (in India). The movie also talks about, very briefly, the Medical termination of pregnancy act 1971 which is think is a very valuable information for current times.

I absolutely love the theme and story of the movie. With many nations around the world still grappling with the idea of abortion rights and MTP, this movie is a breakthrough.

i can’t help but notice One Glaring error though!

maybe more than one. But only this one stood out to me. At this moment, let me pause and ask you this… have you watched the movie? Do you have a guess?