While I was away

Hey fellow bloggers and readers; I’ve been away for a while, But I assure you that I’ve been actively thinking about blogging more often and the kind of content I should be working on. That aside, here is an update of all the other things I’ve been doing.

Read read and read more

All this spare time is turning me into a complete book nerd, you can never find me without a book anymore (from nature calls to grocery shopping all inc.) Although, I have to admit that I enjoy reading fiction more than anything else. I follow many interesting book clubs on social media and they help me pick my next read (like this and this). How do you’ll decide what next to read?

I am also extremely proud of my accomplishments when it comes to reading targets this year. This is probably the only New year resolution that I have adhered to since forever. Here are some of my favorite picks:


Most of these books are written by women and the central characters in the book are also women. I have been consciously picking stories that revolve around women, written by women and Reese Witherspoon’s book club – hello sunshine has opened up a multitude of interesting options in this regard.


Culinary skills were never a part of my arsenal until recently. I moved to the United States in January 2017. Like most people, I missed home too. No amount of facetime calls or messages could reconnect me with home. But the food did. Eventually, I started devoting more and more time towards cooking and bang! I was getting better at it.

This year, I assumed the task of going back to my roots to learn to cook all the dishes that are indigenous to my community. I can now prepare a Sadya all by myself. To all of my friends/readers; Sadya is Kerala’s traditional vegetarian feast, usually served on a banana leaf on the occasion of weddings, festivals and any kind of traditional celebration. It consists of dishes are prepared either in coconut gravy or oil using an array of indigenous vegetables that are prevalent in our community. The complete meal looks like this:

sadya opt2-01.png


Like I’ve mentioned over and over on this blog in multiple posts, I am so thankful for this phase in life. It has helped me realize where my passion really lies. And since I have made the “DISCOVERY” I have been working on something very interesting. This pet project will be up on my blog soon. So stay tuned